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As prepositions of place we use between with two or more people or things that we see as individual or separate, and we use among when we see the people or things as part of a group or mass. Among is only used with three or more people or things. Amongst is sometimes used instead of among, but in more literary contexts.

e.g.: She eventually found her passport among the clothes in the drawer.

Between and among are not only used as prepositions of place. For example, we can use either to talk about something divided or shared between people.

e.g.: The money is to be divided between/among the towns in the area.

We also use between to talk about comparisons and relationships, choices, discussions or the results of discussions when we specify the two or more people or groups involved, people or things share an amount of something. 

e.g.: They are wrong to claim that there is a link between unemployment and crime.

I have to choose between the universities of New York, Boston, and Manchester.

The treaty was signed between Great Britain and France.

Last year the three companies built 30,000 houses between them.

We also use among when we mean "existing or happening in a particular group" and when we mean "included in a particular group".

e.g.: Their music is still very popular among young teenagers.

They are among the best hockey players in the world.



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