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Third person point of view entails writing using third person pronouns, such as he, she, they, and it.
Third person point of view is commonly used in both academic and creative writing.
However, there are two forms of third person point of view that can be used when writing creatively: third person omniscient point of view and third person limited point of view.
Third person omniscient entails when the narrator knows everything going on within the story, including things like the thoughts and feelings of a character. When writing using third person omniscient, the narration of the story might move from character to character in order to see how each of the characters is fairing.
Third person limited, on the other hand, includes works in which the narrator only knows the thoughts and feelings of one character.
In both of these cases, the narrator still describes character as he, she, or they while describing the events of the story or narration. 

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