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'To' can be used before verbs, like in the sentences below, to form an infinitive.
o I want to run a lap.
o I am happy to see you feel better.
'To' can also be used in sentences such as these, where it acts as a preposition.
o She is going to the museum.
o I am going to the park.
'Too' can be used as a synonym for 'also.'
o Will Sam help, too?
o The recipe requires celery, too.
'Too' can also be used to express that something is in excess, or more than necessary.
o If there are too many items in the bag, it will break.
o The stereo was too expensive, so I didn't buy it.
'Two' is used as a number.
o There are two wheels on a bike.
o Moving the bookshelf required two people.

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