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The introduction should give the reader a clear idea of what the paper will be about. It should give an overview of the topic without bringing up details that will be used in the supporting paragraphs. The introduction will also have a thesis statement that will explicitly state what the purpose of the paper is.
After reading the introduction, the reader should have an understanding of where the paper will be going to support its thesis.
o Our solar system contains many fascinating wonders that scientists have been examining for centuries. One of our celestial neighbors, Mars, has been a constant source of intrigue. In an article titled 'NASA Should Receive More Funding for Mars Research' for Cool Magazine, writer John Joe examines the scientific importance of Mars. Joe argues that NASA's funding for Mars research should be increased by covering topics such as scientific findings on Mars, and how studying Mars will be beneficial to humans on Earth. Joe's article is ultimately effective at presenting its argument through its logical organization, large amount of research, and humor to keep the reader interested.

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