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Abbreviations accepted as words: (such abbreviations do not need explanation in text)
Abbreviations used often in APA journal:
conditional stimulus (CS)
reaction time (RT)
Latin abbreviations:
cf.: compare; i.e.: that is; e.g.: for example; viz.: namely; , etc.: , and so forth; vs.: versus, against
Scientific abbreviations:
units of measurement:
e.g.: Hz: hertz; W: watt
units of time:
e.g.: hr: hour; min: minute
Chemical compounds
e.g.: NADP: nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate
e.g.: a weight-per-volume ratio: wt/vol
Routes of administration
e.g.: ip: intraperitoneal; iv: intravenous
Abbreviations beginning a sentence:
Never begin a sentence with a lowercase abbreviation, or a symbol that stands alone. Begin a sentence with a capitalized abbreviation or acronym or with a symbol connected to a word only when necessary to avoid indirect and awkward writing.

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